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“An investment in knowledge always brings the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Marco Steiner coaching driving simulator Alchenflüh Nürbrugring

Do you want to do more than just a little driving on some of the best simulators Switzerland has to offer? Would you also like to learn something while having fun with your friends and watching your lap times improve? Then seize the opportunity and book your simulator and me as a coach right away. I look forward to you!


Coach including travel to the TopSpeedCenter  

  • Individual coaching for 1 person: 130 CHF for 1 hour

  • Individual coaching for 2-3 people: CHF 210 for 1 hour

  • Group coaching for 4-6 people: CHF 400 for 1 ½ hours

  • Group coaching for 7-10 people: CHF 550 for 2 hours

We offer both theoretical and practical parts in our coaching. We can also drive together with you, for example to be able to give live feedback on your driving style or to be able to practice and analyze driving techniques.

Group coaching sessions can also be designed as desired. There are virtually no limits to the routes and vehicle choice. However, we need a lead time of 3-5 working days in order to be able to prepare for your wishes.

Would you like to be able to train in peace and without distraction? Would you like to improve your driving technique using telemetry data analysis, or would you like to get inspiration and advice for building your own sim racing setup? Then you have the opportunity to book private coaching with us in Alchenflüh and do your laps on our high-quality simulator. You are also welcome to bring someone with you; they will only pay if they want to drive themselves.

PRIVATE COACHING @ Marstone Simracing

  • Individual coaching for 1 person : 100 CHF for 1 hour

  • Individual coaching for 2 people: 160 CHF for 1 hour

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